About me

I'm a freelance web designer based in Middlesbrough.

I design and create high quality websites for my clients and work with a number of agencies primarily as a front-end web designer both remotely and on site.

I've been making websites since 1999 and started designing websites commercially back in 2006. Pixel Pie started as a design agency of three people from Middlesbrough in 2008 and has since changed to the freelance form you see before you. Ever since Pixel Pie's inception, I've been creating websites that both myself and my clients are extremely proud of. My customer satisfaction shows in the fact that over 80% of all my sales are from referrals or repeat business.

How I work

My website designs are based on what I learn about your business;

They're designed specifically for you and only you. A typical project goes a little something like this:


My first step is to research your business and look at what you want to get out of the project. I can't build a website without doing this first; it's crucial in making your website create revenue for your business and communicating to your visitors exactly what you're all about.


After I know more about your business, your ethos, your customers and what kind of content is going in your website, this is where I plan the project by creating a sitemap, layout and perhaps even a prototype. The layout is designed purely for your visitors and how they will use the website and the content. I can use this along with the prototype to test for any usability issues.


Now there's a structure to the site and a finalised layout, I can start making it look beautiful as well as applying designs which emphasise the key areas of your site. I understand the importance of brand consistency and so I will make sure that the site design goes hand in hand with your visual brand.


All this preparation means I can now swiftly build the site using the latest technology and techniques to ensure your new website is as efficient as possible. The admin area of your site is built specifically for how you’re going to use it, so you can edit your site with only a few clicks. Before the site goes live I vigorously test it and check it's compatible with all the main browsers.


So the site's now live and working just as you wanted. Job done? Well, not for me, I let the site settle for a while and then return and analyse what's working, what's not, how your users are interacting with it and how it's placing in search results. This helps you get the most from your website and makes sure it's providing you with returns on your investment.

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