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Eden Flight Training


I love what you have done and how it looks. I can't wait for the school to start using it. I have had a few websites built over the years, and I can honestly say it has been a breath of fresh air and a pleasure dealing with you :), my wife recommended you and she wasn't wrong.

Mark Lee,
Eden Flight Training

When Eden Flight Training approached me, they were using Excel spreadsheets in Dropbox to share and update flight log entries of their training aircraft. This was leading to lost data and no ability for multiple users to simultaneously enter data.

I designed and built a comprehensive system in Drupal 8 which has a dashboard showing an overview of the current state of their aircraft. I also wrote sophisticated scripts to calculate as much data as possible to limit the amount of data that the staff had to input. This new system allows them to simultaneously enter data with warnings when they were both editing specific log entries at the same time. It has completely cut out any data loss, overwritten data and has also sped up the process of filling out flight log entries.

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